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Tenth International Conference
on Austronesian Linguistics

17-20 January 2006
Palawan, Philippines

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Plenary Speakers
Reid, Lawrence A.
University of Hawai‘i
On Reconstructing the Morphosyntax of Proto-Northern Luzon
Revel, Nicole
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
Memory of Voice: Archiving and Analyzing Oral Composition
Papers Presented
Afable, Patricia
National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
An Ethnopoetic Study of the Ifugao Epic Bugan nak Panga'iwan
Allen, Janet L.
SIL International
The Ubiquitous, Anomalous -om- Infix in Kankanaey
Anderbeck, Karl
SIL International
An Initial Reconstruction of Proto-Lampungic: Phonology and Basic Vocabulary
Arka, I Wayan
Australian National University
A Note on Numerals and Classifiers in Rongga
Arka, I Wayan
Australian National University/SOAS, the University of London
Spatial Expressions in Balinese and Rongga
Baklanova, Ekaterina
Moscow State University
Morphological Assimilation of Borrowings in Tagalog
Barrios, Aireen L.
Ateneo de Zamboanga University
Austronesian Elements in Philippine Creole Spanish
Blench, Roger
Mallam Dendo Ltd.
The Austronesians in Madagascar and on the East African Coast: Surveying the Linguistic Evidence for Domestic and Translocated Animals
Blust, Robert A.
University of Hawai‘i
The Linguistic Position of Sama-Bajaw
Bowden, John
Australian National University
Dictionary Making and the Creation of Standards Where None Previously Existed
Brainard, Sherri & Ena Vander Molen
Summer Institute of Linguistics
Word Order Inverse in Obo Manobo
Bril, Isabelle
From Discourse and Referential Hierarchy to Clause-linking in Some Oceanic Languages
Buenconsejo, Jose S.
The University of Hong Kong
On the Relationships between Words and Melody in Palangihon-Umayamnon Bukidnon Uwaging
Burkhardt, Juergen
Language Development SIL (M) Bhd
Long Terawan Berawan Phonology: Questions on Diphthongs and Syllabicity
Calinawagan, Elizabeth
University of the Philippines--Baguio
The Morphosyntax and Pragmatics of Antipassives in Ilokano
Calizo, Evelyn La Corda
Nueva Vizcaya State University
Filipino siya: A Case of Broadening
Cena, Resty M.
A Not-So-Gentle Morphological Analyzer of Tagalog
Chang, Yung-li
Academia Sinica
Complex Predicates in Some Formosan Languages
Chlenov, Michael A. & Svetlana F. Chlenova
State Classical Maimonides Academy, Moscow State University
West Damar Language, An Isolate in South-Eastern Indonesia
Chu, Ching-I (Kolas)
National Cheng-Chi University
What an Austronesian Native Sees in His Language: Lexical Structures of Amis in Eastern Taiwan
Chu, Man-ni
National Tsing Hua University and De Lin Institute of Technology
The Measurement of Final [i] vs [ii] and [u] vs [uu] in Squliq Atayal
Clausen, Josie P.
University of Hawai‘i
Lexical Relations in Ilokano
Conners, Thomas J.
Yale University and Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (Jakarta Field Station)
Nominal Marking in Semarangan Indonesian-Javanese
Daguman, Josephine
Translators Association of the Philippines, Inc.
Meteorological Verbs of Northern Subanen: A Study of Basically Zero Valent Verbs in a Philippine Language
Dangan, Florida V.
Palawan State University
Contrastive Analysis of True and False Cognates in Filipino and Cuyonon
De Guzman, Videa P.
The University of Calgary
Morpheme-based Versus Word-based Morphology
Destua, Maritoni G.
Ateneo de Zamboanga
Chavacano Corpus Project
Donohue, Mark
National University of Singapore
Pronouns, Clitics, Orders and Grammaticalization: Theoretical Issues in Tukang Besi
Dyen, Isidore
Yale University
Some Evidence Favoring the Central Hypothesis
Egert, Markus & Werner Drossard
University of Cologne
The Semantics of Malagasy Actor Voice Prefixes
Ewing, Michael
University of Melbourne
Language Attitudes, Activism and Activities in Allang, Central Maluku
Fernandez-Legazpi, Edna Imelda & Fe Tria-Fernandez
Palawan State University
The Sociological and Educational Significance of Selected Cuyono Folk Songs
Florey, Margaret
Monash University
Assessing the Vitality of Endangered Languages in Central Maluku
Gil, David
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Riau Indonesian and the Typology of Isolating Languages
Goudswaard, Nelleke
SIL International
Reciprocals in Begak (Ida'an)
Gray, Russell D., Simon Greenhill & Robert A. Blust
University of Auckland, University of Auckland, University of Hawai‘i
Computational Phylogenetic Methods and Austronesian Subgrouping
Greenhill, Simon, Russell D. Gray & Robert A. Blust
University of Auckland, University of Auckland, University of Hawai‘i
The Austronesian Basic Vocabulary Database
Grimes, Charles E.
SIL International
Hawu and Dhao in Eastern Indonesia: Revisiting Their Relationship
Grimes, Charles E.
SIL International
One Dictionary, One Language, One Team, but Different Locations? Version Control and File Management Turn Chaos into Quality
Hanawalt, Charlie
SIL International
Bitter or Sweet? The Vital Role of Sociolinguistic Survey in Lampungic Dialectology
Harrison, K. David, Katharine Merow & Rachel Shorey
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and Swarthmore College
Sonority Contour Preferences in Philippine Languages
Himes, Ronald
San Diego State University
The Kalamian Microgroup of Philippine Languages
Himmelmann, Nikolaus P.
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Notes on Waima'a Metrical and Intonational Structure
Himmelmann, Nikolaus P.
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Notes on Noun Phrase Structure in Tagalog
Holton, Gary
Alaska Native Language Center, University of Alaska
The Relational Noun Marker ma in Tobelo, North Halmahera
Hsieh, Fuhui & Chishin Chen
National Taiwan University
Nominalization Constructions in Kavalan Revisited
Hsieh, Fuhui & Michael Tanangkingsing
National Taiwan University
The Empty Root in Cebuano and Kavalan: A Counterexample to Grammaticalization
Huang, Huei-ju & Shuanfan Huang
National Taiwan University
Verb Semantics, Focus Type and Split O in Tsou
Huang, Hui-chuan J.
National Tsing Hua University
Interactions Between Prosody and Morphology in Squliq Atayal Syllabification
Huang, Lillian M.
National Taiwan Normal University
Manifestations of Participants in Atayal: A Cross-Dialectal Study
Huang, Lillian M. & Elizabeth Zeitoun
National Taiwan Normal University and Academia Sinica
Ordering of Pronouns in Formosan Languages
Huang, Shuping & Li-May Sung
National Taiwan University
The Undergoer Focus ma- in Kavalan
Jacob, June & Barbara Dix Grimes
Developing a Role for Kupang Malay: The Contemporary Politics of an Eastern Indonesian Creole
Johnson, Allan
SIL Philippines
Ayta Mag-anchi Reduplication
Kaufman, Daniel
Cornell University
Morpho-phonologically Driven Alignment Systems in Sulawesi
Kaufman, Daniel
Cornell University
Transitivity and the Referentiality of Implicit Objects in Austronesian
Katagiri, Masumi
Okayama University
Topichood of the Philippine Topic, Revisited from a Cross-linguistic Perspective
Katubi, Obing
Center for Social and Cultural Studies, Indonesian Institute of Sciences
Lampungic Languages: Looking for New Evidence of the Possibility of Language Shift in Lampung and the Question of Its Reversal
Kikusawa, Ritsuko
National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka
Historical Changes in the Casemarking of Pronouns in Extra-Formosan Languages
Kikusawa, Ritsuko
National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka
Syntactic Transitivity in the Analysis of a Malagasy Language
Kitano, Hiroaki
Aichi University of Education
Transitivity and Pronominal Clitic Order in Kapampangan
Klamer, Marian
Leiden University
Split S in the Indonesian area: Forms, Semantics, Geography
Kroeger, Paul
Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics
Resultative Complex Predicates in Kimaragang Dusun
Larish, Michael D.
Hawai‘i Community College
Possible Proto-Asian Archaic Residue and the Statigraphy of Diffusional Cumulation in Austro-Asian Languages
Laskowske, Tom
SIL International
The Seko Languages of South Sulawesi: a Reconstruction
Lee, Aldrin P.
University of the Philippines—Diliman
The Non-Verbal Sentences in Cuyonon: A Minimalist Approach
Lee, Byung-hoon
SIL International
A Study of Participant Reference in Central Bontok
Lee, Celeste Chia Yen
National Chi Nan University
Clitic Pronouns in Masbatenyo
Lee, Jason Kwok Loong
Australia National University
Transitivity, Valence and Voice in Mandar
Li, Chao-lin
National Tsing Hua University
On Grammaticalization of Motion Verb in Paiwan
Li, Paul Jen-kuei
Academia Sinica
The Internal Relationships of Formosan Languages
Liao, Hsiu-chuan
De La Salle University
A Typology of First Person Dual Pronouns in Philippine Languages and Their Reconstructibility
Lichtenberk, Frantisek
University of Auckland
Dictionaries and Grammars
Lim, Siu-theh, Tai-yen Li & I-chen Chen
Center for Aboriginal Languages, Cultures and Education (ALCD) and National Cheng-Chi University
Language Revitalization through the Aboriginal Languages Textbooks Compiling Project
Liu, Dorina Tsai-hsiu
University of Hawai‘i
Codas in Amis Reduplication
Llido, Paul
University of San Carlos
Inflectional Case Assignment in Cebuano
Lorenzana, Angela E.
Bicol University
Galit: The Filipino Emotion Word for ‘Anger’
Luna, Edmundo & Susanna Cumming
University of California at Santa Barbara
Polysemy, Homophony, Definiteness and Possession: Indonesian -nya and Balinese -(n)e
Luquin, Elisabeth
INALCO, Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales in Paris
The Polysemy of the Minangyan (Hanunoo) Term 'āpu
Mallari, Joel Pabustan
Juan D. Nepomuceno Center for Kapampangan Studies, Holy Angel University
Linguistics and Ethnology against Archaeology: Early Austronesian Terms for Architectural Forms and Settlement Patterns at the Turn of the Neolithic Age of the Kapampangans of Central Luzon, Philippines
Massam, Diane
University of Toronto
Feature Packaging: Functional Categories in the Niuean Nominal Phrase
Mattes, Veronika
University of Graz
One Form—Opposite meanings? Diminutive and Augmentative Interpretation of Full Reduplication in Bikol
Maxwell, Allen R.
The University of Alabama
Assessing the Epic Status of the Brunei Malay Sya'ir Awang Simawn: Place Names and Toponyms
McDonnell, Bradley
Arizona State University
Possessives Structures in Ende: A Language of Eastern Indonesia
McFarland, Curtis D.
Waseda University
Deictic Pronouns in Philippine Languages
McFarland, Curtis D.
Waseda University
A CAI Program for Teaching Filipino
Mead, David
SIL International
When to Use a Genitive Pronoun in Mori Bawah
Meyer, David
University of Edinburgh
Dating Tahitian Oral Tradition Texts from Primarily Internal Evidence
Mora, Manolete
The University of Hong Kong
The Tudbulol: Narrative and Time in T’boli Epic Song Performance
Musgrave, Simon
Monash University
Dialects and Varieties in a Situation of Language Endangerment
Musgrave, Simon, Margaret Florey & Michael Ewing
Monash University, Monash University, University of Melbourne
-CV Suffixes in Central Malukan Languages: Problems of Form, Distribution, and Function
Naylor, Paz Buenaventura
The University of Michigan
Towards Attributive Predication Syntax in Austronesian
Naylor, Paz Buenaventura
The University of Michigan
Reflections on the Nature of Transitivity: With Reference to Focus and Discourse Pragmatics
Nolasco, Ricardo Ma.
University of the Philippines—Diliman
Proto-Austronesian Transitivity Revisited: Reviewing the Philippine Evidence
Odal-Devora, Grace
University of the Philippines
Some Problems in Determining the Origin of the Philippine Word mutya or mutia
Osmond, Meredith
Australian National University
Proto Oceanic Speakers’ Categorization of Health and Disease
Othman, Normala
International Islamic University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Current Trends in Pronoun Usage among Malay Speakers
Palmer, Bill
University of Surrey
Passive and Characteristic Possession in Oceanic
Pangilinan, Michael Raymon Manaloto
The Importance of Diacritical Marks in Romanized Kapampangan
Pangilinan, Michael Raymon Manaloto
Kapampángan or Capampáñgan: Settling the Dispute on the Kapampángan Romanized Orthography
Pawley, Andrew
Australian National University
Wayan Fijian Classification of Marine Animals: Some Problems for Lexical Description and for Berlin’s Universals of Taxonomic Rank and Nomenclature
Pearson, Matt
Reed College
Tense Marked Obliques in Malagasy
Peng, Adam & Loren Billings
National Chi Nan University
Binukid Pronominal Clisis
Pittayaporn, Pittayawat
Cornell University
When Words Erode: Moken Trisyllabic Syncopation and PAn Stress
Quakenbush, J. Stephen & Edward Ruch
SIL International
Pronoun Ordering in Kalamianic
Quick, Phil
SIL International—Indonesia
Is There a VP in Pendau?
Quick, Phil
SIL International—Indonesia
A Lexicographical Introduction and Inventory of Pendau Fish Names
Radetzky, Paula
The Semantics of the Verbal Complex, with Particular Reference to Saaroa (Taiwan)
Rau, Der-Hwa Victoria & Hiu-Huan Ann Chang
Providence University
Phonological Variation and Sound Change in Yami on Orchid Island
Rau, Der-Hwa Victoria, Meng-Chien Yang & Maa-Neu Dong
Providence University
Endangered Language Documentation and Transmission
Rensch, Calvin R.
SIL International
Rhythm in Bidayuh
Robinson, Laura C.
University of Hawai‘i
Vowel Harmony in Borneo?: An Examination of Vowel Changes in Tindal Dusun
Ross, Malcolm D.
Australian National University
Reconstructing the Pronominal System in Proto-Austronesian
Rutter, “Kenji” Lawrence
University of Hawai‘i
Going French, Going Tahitian: The Tahitianization of French Polynesia
Saclot, Maureen Joy D.
University of the Philippines—Mindanao
On the Transitivity of Actor Focus and Patient Focus Constructions in Tagalog
Sagart, Laurent
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
The PAn Words for ‘7’, ‘8’, ‘9’ and Austronesian Phylogeny
San Juan, Erlinda
Palawan State University
The Cuyonon Verb System: A First Approximation
Soriente, Antonia
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology—Jakarta Field Station
Reference to Space and Time in Two Kenyah Languages: Oma' Lung and Uma' Kulit
Stallsmith, Glenn & Glenn Machlan
SIL International
The aN- Agent Focus Affix in Minangali Music Terms
Stanyukovich, Maria V.
Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg
Factors Affecting Stability/Variability of the Ifugao hudhud
Steinhauer, Hein & Aone van Engelenhoven
Leiden University
About Babar: Enigmatic Language Contacts in East Nusantara
Steinkrüger, Patrick O.
ZAS (Centre for General Linguistics)
The Puzzling Case of Chabacano: Creolization, Substrate, Mixing and Secondary Contact
Stone, Roger
SIL International
The Sambalic Languages of Central Luzon
Stuart, Luis Umali
The -in Grid: A Mathematical Order in Language by Way of Tagalog Verb Phrases
Sung, Li-May
National Taiwan University
Verbal Reflexives/Reciprocals in (Some) Formosan Languages
Tadmor, Uri & Yanti
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Basò Kulònggé: The Honorifics of Jambi, Central Sumatra
Tajolosa, Teresita D.
Palawan State University
Tagbanua Language in Irawan: in the Midst of Globalization
Tanangkingsing, Michael
National Taiwan University
Cebuano Passives Revisited
Tardo, Day
Ateneo de Zamboanga
Chavacano Reader Project
Teng, Stacy Fang-ching
Australian National University and Academia Sinica
A Study of Three Types of Predicative Possession in Puyuma
Thurgood, Elzbieta (Ela)
California State University at Chico
Acoustic Correlates of Contour Tones of Hainan Cham
Thurgood, Graham
California State University at Chico
Sociolinguistics and Contact-induced Language Change: Hainan Cham, Anong, and Phan Rang Cham
Trick, Doug
SIL International
Ergative Control of Syntactic Processes in Sama Southern
Tryon, Darrell
Australian National University
Negation in the Languages of Island Melanesia
Van den Berg, René
SIL Indonesia/PNG
Demonstration of Lexicography Tools: Toolbox and LexiquePro
Van den Berg, René
SIL Indonesia/PNG
An Unusual Passive in Western Oceanic: The Case of Vitu
Van den Berg, René & Susan Shore
SIL Indonesia/PNG & SIL Indonesia
A New Mass Elicitation Technique: The Dictionary Development Program
Villareal, Corazon D.
University of the Philippines—Diliman
Language and Desire in Hiligaynon
Villarosa, Jonalyn B.
Palawan State University
Making Literature Alive: A Closer Look at Pala'isgen, a Tagbanua Epic
Walrod, Michael
Trinity Western University
The Marker is the Message: The Influence of Discourse Markers and Particles on Textual Meaning
Wolff, John U.
Cornell University
Petrified Prefixes in PAn and PMP
Wolff, John U.
Cornell University
Sub-grouping of the MP Languages
Wu, Chun-ming
Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica
Adverbials in Paiwan
Wu, Joy
National Taiwan Normal University, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
The Analysis of pa- Verbs in Amis
Yap, Foong Ha
Chinese University of Hong Kong
When and Why Prenominal Modifiers are Permissible in SVO Languages: Evidence from empunya Constructions in Malay
Yeh, Marie Meili
National United University
The Evolution of Future Meaning in Saisiyat
Yeh, Yu-ting & Shuanfan Huang
National Taiwan Universeity
Transitivity and Ergativity in Squliq Atayal Reexamined
Zabolotnaya, Natalia V.
Moscow State University
Philippine Linguistics Studies in Russia
Zorc, R. David
McNeil Technologies Language Research Center
The Use of Corpora to Develop Language Teaching Materials
Zuraw, Kie Ross
University of California at Los Angeles
Variation in Tagalog Tapping: Word Structure and Frequency